The Ultimate SAS Base Certification Course (Part 2)

The Ultimate SAS Base Certification Course (Part 2) is designed to cover the entire syllabus of the SAS Base Certification Exam. It is up to date with the latest exam topics and practice exam questions. You can rely on it to pass the certification exam in as little as four weeks.

The Ultimate SAS Base Certification Course (Part 2)

Access: Subscribers only

The Ultimate SAS Base Certification Course (Part 2) is the second part of our SAS certification training program.

It covers 20 lessons and includes 179 topics and 300+ exercises, enabling our students to prepare for the exam in as little as four weeks – from scratch!

The course itself focuses on the current exam topics, using examples that are very similar to the actual exam questions.

This is the only study material you need to achieve a great result in the rigorous certification exam.

This course is based on SAS OnDemand for Academics, which is free to download.

Important! This is a coding-oriented course. You must set up the training page as instructed below:

Those who are preparing for the SAS certified specialist base programming exam.

Question 1: Is this course free?

No. This is Part 2 of the Ultimate SAS Base Certification Course. It is available only to our SASCrunch members


Question 2: How does this course help to prepare for the SAS Base Certification Exam?

This exam prep course covers each and every topic on the official exam syllabus. The topics are explained in a way that even beginners can understand. You will learn to program SAS and practice solving problems using our interactive exercises and practice exams. 

This prep course has a sharp focus on the Certification Exam questions. The materials are written with a focus on helping you to solve the actual exam questions, while teaching you how to program SAS. This is the only study guide you need for the exam.


Question 3: Do you guarantee a pass?

We do not guarantee a pass. However, our track record (from our previous training program) indicates that students who achieved 85%+ on our mock exam all passed the actual certification exam. If you aren't satisfied with the course, you can request a full refund within 7 days from the initial subscription. No questions asked.


Question 4: Does it cover all the topics appearing in the exam?

Yes, it does.


Question 5: What is the pre-requisite?

You need to have a basic knowledge of SAS before studying for the exam. If you are totally new to SAS, we recommend that you first complete the SAS Base Programming Course for Beginners


Question 6: Are there instructors available to answer my questions?

Yes, you can always email us at if you are stuck on any exam topic or questions. We usually respond within 24 hours, if not within hours.


Question 7: How long does it take to complete the course?

For beginners, you need to study for about 40 hours. For advanced SAS users, it will take about 20 hours.


Question 8: What background knowledge do I need?

You need a basic knowledge of SAS before studying for the exam. See question #5 for more details.

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Y Patel
Posted 7 months ago
Most easiest way of learning, step by step, easy language and perfect examples.

I wish I had started with this guys to learn. Could have finished the whole training in few days to a week. Such a nice way of explaining with examples. Great Job!!. I would like to learn advance SAS and other languages with Clinical SAS once I am done with base SAS exam. I would definitely come back to sascrunch. Can n't thank u guys enough.

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Olumide Afolami
Posted 8 months ago
Straightforward and easy to follow

Great structure.

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Nina Huang
Posted 12 months ago
easy to follow

Easy to follow and very simple clear lesson explanations

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Posted 2 years ago
Easy to follow

Loved it. Very useful and easy to follow.

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