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Informational Interview with HR Manager


Job Title: Human Resources Manager
Company: Not published as requested (Regulatory body in the senior healthcare industry)
Department: Human Resources
Company size: 40

Note: This informational interview focuses on the recruitment process for the Senior Analyst and Project Manager position from an organization in the senior healthcare industry. The details of the job description are not available. However, there are some great insights and advice coming straight from the HR Manager who is responsible for screening and selecting candidates for interviews.


1. What is your title and role, and what are your responsibilities?
My title is Human Resources Manager. I provide recommendations for the first stage interview as well as final hiring decision.

2. Please describe the recruitment process for the Senior Analyst and Project Manager.
We started with Workopolis and LinkedIn. It wasn't too successful. We then turned to specific groups (such as Meetups) for applicants.

We looked at the requirements needed for the job. We spoke with the department to understand the needs and must-haves from the candidates. We then looked for certain keywords from the resumes. If the resume matched the requirements, we then spent more time studying the resume and cover letter to understand the candidates' motivations. The entire process is manual. There is no automated software being used.

A cover letter is very important! If the posting requests a cover letter, and an application is received without one, the application will be automatically put aside (unless the resume is very, very impressive). Sending a cover letter as requested shows that the applicant pays attention to detail, which is a major competency for the hiring decision.

With regards to the Senior Analyst and Project Manager position, the candidate is expected to provide leadership to projects with the goal of transforming the organization into a more data-driven operation. 

Communication skills are key to this position. We look for people who can communicate with the leadership team, who might not have the analytical background. Paying attention is key (like sending a cover letter, if requested). The candidate must be able to tell a story, and this must be demonstrated on the application (resume and cover letter). 

3. What are the major criteria in deciding whom to select for an interview?
It's a mix of everything. Communication is important. When interviewing, we dislike people who read keywords from the job posting. This shows lack of understanding of the job. Just be yourself, that is key.

4. Is experience a must for this position?
Yes. We are a small company and the candidate is expected to provide leadership and insights for a major organizational project. This requires candidates with experience to do the job.

5. How often do you hire analysts with no prior experience?
Not often at all. Again, we are a small organization. We had an applicant who was interested in moving into analytics. The applicant is taking related courses and we are providing training with the goal of helping her move to an analyst role. 

We rarely hire analysts with no prior experience.

6. Are there any software requirements for this role?
I don't know of any, but the department might have a different opinion. 

7. What educational background is required?
We interviewed a Ph.D. but he wasn’t ideal. We prefer an MBA and/or Master with a statistics background. The person we hired has a MBA and an industrial engineering degree.

8. Are there any destinations that are preferred?
Project Management certification is an asset. Not a must.

9. Any advice for job seekers with no prior experience?
It is a tough market. You might want to get into a role that is less than what you expect. Get your foot in the door first and move up from there. Present smart and understand the business, and you are in good shape.

10. Does your company currently have volunteer or unpaid intern positions open?
We don't currently have any volunteer or unpaid intern positions available. We are busy getting our new analyst settled and productive. There may be a position in the future if needs change.

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