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Logistic Regression (Credit Scoring) Modeling using SAS

This course is all about credit scoring / logistic regression model building using SAS.

You will:

  • Learn model development
  • Understand the science behind model development
  • Understand the SAS program required for various steps
  • Get comfortable with interpretation of SAS program output
  • See the step by step model development

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30 Days

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About This Course

This course promises to explain concepts in a crystal clear manner. It goes through the practical issue faced by analyst. Some of the discussion item would be

  • How to clarify objective and ensure data sufficiency?
  • How do you decide the performance window?
  • How do you perform data treatment
  • How to go for variable selection? How to deal with numeric variables and character variables?
  • How do you treat multi collinerity scientifically?
  • How do you understand the strength of your model?
  • How do you validate your model?
  • How do you interpret SAS output and develop next SAS code accordingly?
  • Step by step workout – model development on an example data set

Who is this class for?

This course is for:

  • Students
  • Analysts / Analytics professional
  • Modelers / Statisticians


​Students must have basic knowledge of SAS before taking this course. You can learn SAS base programming here.


Gopal Prasad Malakar​
  • Online Instructor at Udemy

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Credit Scoring / Credit Score card development
  • Data Design for Modelling
  • Data Audit – Make sure to check that data is right for the modelling
  • Variable Selection – Select important numeric and character variables
  • Multi Collinearity Treatment
  • Iterate for final model / Understand strength of the model
  • Strength of a Model and Model Validation Methods
  • Reject Inference – Developing application score on scored population
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