The Ultimate SAS Certified Specialist Exam Training Program


The Ultimate SAS Certified Specialist Training Program includes two full courses covering each and every topic in the certification exam.

You will be familiar with the exam structure and question styles, with 200+ sample exam questions.

This is the only study material you need to achieve a great result on the rigorous certification exam.

Training program includes ...

Three Certificate Prep Courses and 300+ Practice Exercises

This course aims to help you build a solid foundation of SAS base programming. It includes 150+ practice exercises and sample exam questions.

This course covers all the new topics in the SAS certified specialist base programming exam, including Proc Import, Debugging Errors and Advanced Data Manipulations.

The 300+ practice exercises and sample exam questions will help you prepare for the coding and the multiple-choice part of the SAS certified specialist exam.

Do you know ...

The SAS certified specialist exam now requires you to write and execute code in the exam?

How to use this certificate training program.

There are two courses that you need to complete when preparing for the exam.

The Practical SAS Training Course for Beginners helps you get familiar with the programming language. The SAS Certified Specialist Exam Prep Course prepares you for the more advanced topics that will appear on the exam.

On top of that, the training program includes 300+ practice exercises that will turn you into a proficient SAS programmer who is more than capable of passing the exam on your first try!

300+ Practice Exercises

Practicing writing your own code is the key to achieving a great result in the exam. Get 300+ practice exercises from our SAS base certification course and turn yourself into a proficient SAS programmer in 30 days!

Quality Materials

Getting tired of materials that put you to sleep? Our training materials are written in layman terms that even SAS beginners can easily understand. You'll be ready for the SAS base exam in as little as two weeks.

Real-time Learning Support

The SAS base exam covers a wide range of topics, and you'll encounter some confusing concepts along the way. Simply send us a quick message and one of our experienced instructors will give you a hand!

Course 1

A jargon-free, easy-to-learn SAS base course that is tailored-made for students with no prior knowledge of SAS.

The second part of the course covers day-to-day SAS applications such as SAS functions, variables, data manipulation techniques and simple data analysis.

Course 2

The SAS Certified Specialist Exam Prep Course is the complete prep course for the SAS base certification exam. 

The second part of the course covers a whopping 179 topics, 300+ coding exercises and unlimited mock exams. You can rely on it to prepare for the exam in as little as four weeks.