Coding Project (1 hour)

You have been hired as a SAS programmer and today is your first day at your job.

Unfortunately, today is also the deadline for a project and your boss needs your help processing some data before taking you out to lunch.


Download File

The data is saved in a text file, and you can download it from the link above.

The text file contains the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) data related to 10 retail stores.

The variables included are: 

Store: Store ID
Revenue: Revenue
Staff: Number of Staff 
Salary: Total Salary
Operation: Operation Cost 
Profit: Revenue - Total Salary - Operation Cost 
Complaint: Number of complaints
Turnover: Number of Employee Turnover

Your boss needs a SAS data set that contains only the stores with Revenue per Staff higher than $10,000.

You are expected to turn over the data set within 1 hour.

First, write the program on SAS Studio. Once you complete the program, copy your entire program and submit it in the Submit Area below.

You will receive the model answer to your email in about 1-2 hours.

Submit Area

Submit your program

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