Data Download & Project Setup

Before we start the training, we first need to set up the project.

Download the zip folder below:

Download File

The zip folder contains all of the files you need for Part 1 of this clinical project.


You must unzip the folder and save it in the "/SASUniversityEdition/myfolders" folder:

This step is crucial. 

Please ensure you have saved the entire folder under the "/SASUniversityEdition/myfolders" folder.

We will teach you how to import these files in later sections.

​However, the folder has to be in the correct location.

Now, let's do a quick test to see if you have saved the folder in the correct location.

​Run the code below in your SAS Studio (without changing any part of the code):

​PROC IMPORT DATAFILE= "/folders/myfolders/Clinical Project - Part 1/data/data_excel/CDM/death.xlsx"
            DBMS=XLSX OUT= death  REPLACE;

If your folder is saved in the right location, you will have created the DEATH data set in the WORK library:

Important Note

If you see the following error message, it indicates that SAS cannot access the files:

ERROR: Physical file does not exist

Please check the following, if you see the above error message:

  1. The folder has been saved exactly in '/SASUniversityEdition/myfolders'.
  2. The folder name is spelled exactly as 'SASUniversityEdition' and 'myfolders'.
  3. You have enabled the shared folder.

Please contact us at if you still see the same error message. 

For more information about data import, please visit data set [9-14].