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Shortcut for Exporting Data Sets[Note: this section covers materials based on SAS Studio running on SAS OnDemand for Academics. If you are using SAS University Edition, please visit this page.]

SAS Studio provides a shortcut for exporting data sets. If you prefer not to write code, you can simply follow the steps below to export the data.

3 Steps to Export Data:

Step 1: Right click the data set that you'd like to export and click Export. ​


Step 2: Select the folder where the data set should be exported to.


Step 3: Name the file to be exported (from Filename) and select the type of file to be exported (Excel, Text, CSV, etc.)​


Done! The file is exported:



Locate the Fish data set in the SASHelp library. 

Export the Fish data set into an Excel spreadsheet using the shortcut. Save the spreadsheet in the Files (Home) folder. 

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