Data Set [9-14]

Accessing your own data sets – Part I

In this section, you will learn how to access your own data files on SAS Studio.

If you are using SAS Studio on SAS OnDemand for Academics, you must first upload the data files to the SAS server.

Let’s walk through how to do that.


Download the Car data set and save it on your local computer.


On SAS Studio, go to Server Files and Folders on the left panel.

You will see the Files (Home) folder:


Click the Files (Home) folder and then click the upload icon to upload the file.


A window will pop up. 

You are asked to upload a file to the server.

Note: the pop-up window displays the destination path of the file to be uploaded.​


On my SAS Studio, the file will be uploaded to '/home/kisumsam'.

This is the actual directory path of the Files (Home) folder on the SAS server.

Your path will be different and it will be in the form of:


Now, select the Car data set, and click upload.


Done! The Car data set is uploaded to your home directory!



Download the Income data set and save it on your local computer.

Under your home directory, create a new folder called DS1.

Upload the Income data set to the DS1 folder.

Need some help? Watch the instructional video below: