Data Set [9-14]

Accessing your own data sets ITo access an existing data set, you must first create and enable a shared folder on the virtual machine.

SAS Studio allows you to access only the data sets from the shared folders enabled in the virtual machine. 

You cannot access any files outside the shared folders.

When installing the SAS Studio, there is an instruction to create and enable the SASUniversityEdition folder and its sub-folder myfolders

If you haven't done so, please visit the links below to create and enable the shared folders.

How do I create a shared folder in VMware Player or VMware Fusion?

How do I create a shared folder in VirtualBox?



Download File


Download File

Download the car data set above and save it in the SASUniversityEdition/myfolders folder.

In myfolders, create a sub-folder and name it DS1. Save the income data set above in the DS1 folder. 

Need some help? Watch the instructional video below: