End of Part 1

Congratulations! You have completed Part 1 of the clinical project.

How do you make use of this project?

Having experience creating the SDTM data set is a valuable asset when applying for a position as a clinical SAS programmer / statistician.

If you can develop your own program for this project, you can include this part of the project on your resume.

You can even submit your resume along with the code that you created (in PDF format).

This will give you an advantage when applying for roles that require strong SAS programming skills.

Complete Clinical Project

Are you interested in finishing the rest of the project?

You will be provided the code to create the SDTM and ADAM data sets for AE and EX domain. 

In addition, you will learn how to create the tables and listings required for a statistical analysis plan.

This is valuable experience for your job search.

Project includes:

(1) CDM Data Files (Excel)

  • AE
  • DA
  • DM
  • DS
  • EX
  • IE

(2) SDTM Data Files (Excel)

  • TA
  • TV

(3) ADAM Data Files (Excel)

  • ADLB
  • ADSL

(4) SAS Programs

  • One setup program to import all the source data files
  • Three SDTM programs:
    • AE SDTM data set
    • DM SDTM data set
    • EX SDTM data set
  • Two ADAM programs:
    • AE program
    • EX program
  • Five statistical table programs:
    • AET1 table
    • AET2 table
    • AET3 table
    • DMT1 table
    • EXT1 table
  • Three data listing programs:
    • AEL1 data listing
    • AEL2 data listing
    • EXL1  data listing​​