Geo-targeting Project [10-25]

We will then join the POSTCODE table with the SALES_Q1_LOC table.
The code below creates a new table called SALES_Q1_LOC_POC.

Did the code fail because the input data sets don't exist?

Copy and run the code below to create the input data sets.

The SALES_Q1_LOC_POS table contains the eight columns from the SALES_Q1_LOC table:

  • Configuration
  • Customer_postcode
  • Store_postcode
  • Month
  • Tran_date
  • Price

It also contains two additional columns from the POSTCODE table:

  • CUST_X
  • CUST_Y

The CUST_X and CUST_Y columns are the easting and northing coordinates for the customers' addresses.