Geo-targeting Project [13-25]


The open_postcode_geo.csv file can be imported using the code below:

filename postcode '/home/your_user_name/Geomarketing/open_postcode_geo.csv';

data all_postcode (keep=postcode os_x os_y);
infile postcode dsd firstobs=2;
input postcode : $8.
      col1 : $10.
      col2 : $5.
      os_x os_y
      area : $8.;
if area = "England" and os_x^=.;

Note: if you encounter errors running the code above, you can always find the exact file location in file properties.

This reads in all the postcodes in England (2.1 million records).

This is a fairly large file!

Note: there is a warning in the SAS log due to some of the unidentified coordinates.

This does not affect our analysis and we will ignore them for now.​