Introduction to SAS [3-19]


Error and Warning Messages

The code you submitted in the previous exercise is missing a semi-colon. 

If your program contains any error such as a missing semi-colon, SAS will show two types of messages:

  • Error message (in red)
  • Warning message (in green)

If you scroll down the Log tab, you should see the actual error and warning messages. 

The error message shows the serious problem(s) with your code.

SAS stops the execution whenever there is an error message. The results generated are unlikely to be correct. 

The warning message shows less serious problems than an error message.

SAS continues to run despite the presence of the warning message.

However, it is always good programming practice to make sure the Log tab does not show any error or warning message at all.


Now, go back to the code tab. Add back the semi-colon on line 2. 

Re-submit the code. 

Do you still see the error and warning messages?

Need some help? Watch the video clip below: