Libraries [1-3]


SAS Libraries

In SAS, there are two types of libraries:

  • Work Library
  • Permanent Library

Libraries can be found from the lower left corner of your SAS Studio interface:

When expanding the Libraries menu, you will see four built-in libraries there:

Work Library

The Work library is a temporary library. It contains temporary data sets in SAS:

When SAS data sets are created, they go into the Work library by default.


Data Results;
Input ID $ Results;
ID1001 80
ID1002 90
ID1003 75
ID1004 78

The code above creates a data set called Results.

The data set can be found in the Work library.

The Work library is used to store working data sets. 

When you end a SAS session, the working data sets will be deleted.

You can save the data sets in a permanent library. This will be discussed in later sections of this module.