Proc Import [5-7]

Importing a Tab Delimited File

The tab-delimited file is a special case of the text delimited file.

Let's look at the file named TXT_Practice_04.txt.

The file is a tab-delimited file. Each value is separated by a tab.

Now, when reading a tab-delimited file, you need to do two things differently:

  • The DBMS option should be specified as TAB (not DLM). 
  • The delimiter should be specified as '09'x

The DBMS=TAB option tells SAS the source file is a tab-delimited file. 

The '09'x is the hexadecimal representation of a tab. It tells SAS the values are separated by a tab.

The file is again imported properly into SAS.


Use Proc Import to import the TXT_Practice_05.txt.

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