Proc Import [File Download]

Proc Import [File Download]

Download the Files

In this module, we will practice importing different types of external files.

Follow the steps below to ensure the files are downloaded into the right folder before you start the module.

Step 1:
Download the zipped file below:Proc Import Zip Files

Download File

Step 2:
​Save the zip file in the '/folders/myfolders' folder:

Step 3:
​Unzip the files in the same folder:

The Proc Import Files folder should have 12 files and one Exercise folder:

Final Step:
Before we start the module, let's ensure the data files are indeed in the correct place.

If you see the following in the SAS log, your files are in the correct folder!

If you see the error message below, you have not saved the files in the correct folder:

ERROR: Physical file does not exist, /folders/myfolders/proc import files/csv_practice_01.csv.

​You can learn more about accessing external data files in Data Step [9-14]

Please contact us at if you need help with the data import.