Proc Import [File Download]


Download Files

In this lesson, we will practice importing different types of external files.

Let's download all the files we need for this lesson.

Step 1

Download the zipped file:

Step 2:

Unzip the file. The following 22 files should be in the folder:

These are the files that we will use in this lesson.

Note: Steps 3 to 7 are for SAS OnDemand for Academics users only.

If you are using SAS OnDemand for Academics, you must upload the files to the SAS server before SAS can read them.

The software cannot directly access the files on your computer.

For more details, please visit here.

Let's follow the steps below to upload the files.

Step 3

Go to SAS >> Server Files and Folders. Right click on the Home folder:

Step 4

Click New. Then click Folder to create a new folder. This will create a new folder inside the Home folder.

Step 5 (important):

Name the new folder "proc_import" (exactly, and all in lower case).

You have created a new folder on SAS. You can now upload the files to this folder.

Step 6

Click on the new folder created and click the "upload" icon:

Step 7

Upload all 22 files to SAS.

Done! You have uploaded all of the files to the SAS server.