Project 1: Cosmetic Product Promotion

​Sephora, a well-known international cosmetic company, has approached your company about launching a promotion specifically for your customer base.

"Shop at Sephora with your XYZ credit card and enjoy up to 5% rebate!"

Your manager has asked you to explore different targeting criteria that best fit the promotion. 

He/she has specifically requested the following segment:

  • Young women (<30 years old)
  • Income >50000
  • Has made at least one purchase in the cosmetic category in January 2020.

In this project, we will:

  • Explore different possible targeting criteria and calculate the segment sizing.
  • Execute the campaign in terms of identifying the target segment, exclusion and control, as well as creating the output file.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness (post-promotion) with the relevant statistical testing.
  • Calculate the rebate amount for each customer and create the fulfillment file.