Sample Topic 2: Variable Attributes


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The 6 Attributes of SAS Variables

Each variable in SAS has 6 attributes (properties):

  • Name
  • Label
  • Length
  • Type
  • Format
  • Informat

How to review variable attributes?

The list of variable attributes can be found from the column properties.


Locate the CARS data set from the SASHelp library.​

Then click the arrow on the left of the data set to expand the variable list:

From the variable list, double click on the variable of interest:

The Column Properties will pop up with the list of variable attributes:

The variable EngineSize has the following attributes:

  • Name: EngineSize
  • Label: Engine Size (L)
  • Length: 8
  • ​Type: Numeric

There is no format and informat assigned to this variable.

Each of these attributes will be explained in full detail later in this lesson.


Locate the FISH data set from the SASHelp library.

Open the Column Properties from the Species variable.

List the 6 attributes assigned to this variable


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