Sample Topic 3: Data Set


Descriptor Portion of Data Set

The descriptor portion of the data set contains the details of the data set such as the number of observations, variables, data set size and so forth.

It can be displayed using the CONTENTS procedure:

Proc Contents Data=SASHelp.Class;

The CONTENTS procedure above prints the descriptor portion of the CLASS data set:

[note: expand the window for better viewing]

The descriptor portion of the data set consists of a number of tables.

The first table contains information about the data set name, member type, creation date and so forth:

The second table shows the number of observations and variables in the data set.

It also displays whether the data is sorted or indexed.

Based on the information above, the CLASS data set is neither sorted nor indexed.​Note: SAS index could allow more efficient processing of certain types of programs. The concept of the SAS index will be discussed in the future modules.

The third table contains information about the engine/host information:

The last table displays the list of variables in the data set:

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The CONTENTS procedure displays whether the data set is sorted or indexed.

The table above shows that the data set has no index. It is neither sorted nor indexed.

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