Understand the Data

Now, let's go back to the four major folders that we have and look at the Documentations folder:

The Documentations folder contains the documents about the data files and the requirements to create the SDTM data sets.

Let's click into the Documentations folder.​

The folder contains:

  • The Specification folder
  • The TLF Shelfs folder
  • CDM Variables file​

The lone Excel file contains a description of each of the variables in the CDM data files.

For example, one of the data files we have in the CDM folder is the DEATH data file:

In the CDM variables file, go to the tab named DEATH.
You will find the descriptions for the variables in the DEATH data set:

Now, click into the Specifications folder:

You will find the SDTM Excel file:

Click the SDTM Excel file to open it, and go to the tabs named DM and DM_DETAILS.

For this project, we will create the SDTM DM data set based on these specifications:

Now that you have the data and the specifications to create the SDTM data set, let's get started writing some code.