Viewing the Data

In the previous section, you downloaded and unzipped the "Clinical Project - Part 1" folder.

Inside the folder, there are four major sub-folders:

  • ​Data
  • Documentations
  • Outputs
  • Programmes

In the next few sections, we will understand more about how the data files are organized in these four folders.

Data Folder

The data folder contains the data you need for the clinical project.

There are two folders:

  • Data_excel and
  • Data_sas

Data_sas is currently empty.

The SAS data sets (e.g. CDM, SDTM and ADAM) will be stored here once they are created.

The Data_excel folder contains the data files that we will be working on.

Now, click on the Data_excel folder to open it.

There are three sub-folders:

  • CDM
  • SDTM
  • ADAM

The ADAM folder is empty, since we don't need to use any ADAM data set for Part 1 of the project.

We will be working on seven files, in total.​

The CDM folder contains six CDM data files (Excel):

  • DM
  • DS
  • EX
  • IE
  • SPCPKB1​

The SDTM folder contains one SDTM data file:

​In later sections, you will learn how to import these files into SAS.